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Van leaflet

There are more than 3.2 million vans registered in the UK. Our data shows that half of these vehicles fail their MOT test, many are driven in an unsafe condition and that we find them to be overloaded 90% of the time. But working with the industry has gleaned some very positive results and a greater appreciation of each other’s challenges and difficulties.

Van drivers must realise the cost of non-compliance. Poorly maintained and overloaded vans cause accidents, and therefore casualties. Better self-regulation has a lower cost to industry, is more responsive than and helps to prevent government intervention. Achieving high fleet standards is not only good for business, but also road safety

To avoid fines up to £5,000, up to 2 years in prison and having your vehicle taken off the road, you can:

  • take the time to do a walk around check each day before you get into your vehicle

In partnership with industry, we have developed a simple pocket guide – Staying legal: the basics – to help you. It tells you how keeping your van in good condition can save you thousands in lost income, fines and penalties.

We have produced two short YouTube videos to show the walk around check for van drivers. This check should only take you 5 minutes each day before you use your vehicle. The videos explain what you need to check before you drive your vehicle.

If you are not sure about the legal requirements involved in operating van and LGV fleets, you could be non-compliant. We advise all operators to adopt the simple advice offered by this guide.

Stay informed, play by the rules and keep your van on the road!

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