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Maintenance workshop

Advice and guidance on preparing trucks, buses and vans for the annual MOT test

Why you should never get tired of hearing about good tyre management

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tyre with large long split in edge of tyre wall

Good tyre management is essential for every heavy vehicle operator. Our Policy Specialist Steve Cope explores what a good system looks like and shares some examples of bad tyres we’ve seen at annual test.

Commercial operators urged to carry out regular maintenance

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A white lorry travelling on the highway

Commercial operators are being reminded by of the importance of carrying out regular maintenance all year round to avoid dangerous incidents as data reveals vehicles are issued 10 times more prohibitions 3 months after their annual test (MOT). This indicates that some vehicles are not being adequately maintained following their test.

Ban on tyres over 10 years old for heavy vehicles and some minibuses

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Truck repair service. Mechanic takes off tyre for brake replacement

Drivers and operators of commercial and public service vehicles are being reminded that tyres aged over 10 years fitted to the front-steered axles and all single wheels of minibuses (9 to 16 passenger seats) will be illegal from 1 February 2021.

The Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness has been updated

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Articulated lorry

Today, Monday 23 April 2018, we've updated the Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness. It'll still give you advice on different types of inspection, inspections intervals, data storage, and essential reviews. But, by working with the industry, we've made changes that will improve the guidance …

Record keeping: staying up to date

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Man typing on a laptop

Running a business generates a lot of paperwork. As well as keeping on top of it, you’re also trying to make sure your business continues to operate efficiently – which usually involves even more paperwork. Getting it all done is essential, but making sure you’re using the correct documents is just as important.

The importance of maintaining seat belts on PSVs

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A seatbelt is your first defence against injury and even death during a motor vehicle accident. So if your seatbelt isn’t protecting you, then what is? Maintaining seat belts in a good serviceable condition is essential for passenger service vehicles operators. As they are in constant use, they must be properly maintained by adjustment, repair or replacement.