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OCRS update

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We have used the Operator Compliance Risk Score (OCRS) system since 2006 to help target poorly performing operators.

Originally designed as an enforcement tool, OCRS is now described as ‘VOSA’s voice in the boardroom’ and is increasingly used by operators to monitor your own performance, often at board level.

In October 2012 we made some changes to the system: we now update OCRS weekly rather than monthly. We redesigned the system to allow operators to move between bands based upon their performance, rather having to have a set percentage of operators in each band. We replaced predictive scoring – which analysis showed did not always accurately reflect an operator’s risk of non-compliance – with a grey band for operators for whom no historic score exists.

Although OCRS is working very well, we are always looking for ways to improve it. We want to better target our resources to deal with poorly performing operators. And we want to share the information that will help you to take action to improve your own compliance. With this in mind we are currently working on:

OCRS operator report

We have developed the OCRS operator report in partnership with operators and trade associations. It allows you to see all the annual tests, roadside inspections and prosecutions that affect your OCRS. It provides a summary of your current score and a breakdown of your encounters with us. It tracks your OCRS over the past 90 days. The report will be available alongside the current annual test and roadside inspection reports online in 2014.

Outcomes from operator visits

Every time one of our officers visits an operator, it is recorded. The operator is made aware of the outcome of the inspection by way of a score. We are looking at how we might introduce this score into OCRS.

Better defined risk bands

We are investigating a way of better defining operators in each risk band. This will help us to differentiate between operators with low numbers of encounters with a single prohibition or offence and operators with high numbers of encounters and high numbers of prohibitions or offences. We expect to finalise the work later this year and, subject to agreement, will look to introduce them in 2014 to 2015.

Signing up to access your risk score and manage your commercial vehicle compliance is easy. Get your operator licence number handy and follow the instructions on our registration page.

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