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HGV/PSV inspection manual updates from 1 October 2015

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Manuals have been updated for HGV and PSV inspections. The changes introduced in September for implementation on 1 October 2015 are as a result of your feedback, technical standards enquiries, and a review of secondary brake testing procedures.

The main changes include:

IM63 Lamps, IM66 Direction Indicators and Hazard Warning Lamps – The application note for multiple lamps in both sections of the manual has been revised. It now explains that where 2 or more lamps are fitted (as opposed to “more than 2”) and the aggregated illuminated area occupies 60% or more of the area of the smallest rectangle circumscribing the illuminated area, this can be treated as one lamp.

IM72 Secondary Brake Performance – The requirement for the testing of secondary brake performance on both HGV and PSVs has been reviewed as part of the process for test simplification.

One recommendation was for early adoption of the requirements of Directive 2014/45/EU. The Directive removes the need to test secondary brake performance on vehicles where the designated secondary brake is the split system.

For these vehicles, DVSA will overrule any brake printout with a secondary brake failure and will ignore any prompt to look for an alternative secondary option.

Vehicles where the designated secondary is separate from the service braking system (typically via a hand operated brake control valve) will continue to be tested in the usual way. The exception to this is when the result is a failure for secondary performance. In this case, the failure will stand but no alternative secondary brake will be considered.

The computerised brake programmes will be updated at the next available opportunity to reflect these new requirements.

Read the updated inspection manuals:

HGV inspection manual

PSV inspection manual

Further information contact:

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