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Transport Manager Acquired Rights: Time is running out

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Transport Managers who hold a Grandfather Rights – or GFR – certificate have until 20 November 2013 to apply for their new Acquired Rights certificate. Transport Managers who have passed a Certificate of Professional Competence - CPC - exam do not need to apply for Acquired Rights.

GFR certificates were issued by the Department of Transport to those with experience of running goods and passenger operations in the 1970s and are used as proof of professional competence.

The GFR were replaced by the Acquired Rights certificates in December 2011, to make it clear that the renewed rights are issued in compliance with Article 9 of the new regulation on operator licensing (EC Regulation 1071/2009).

To qualify for the new Acquired Rights certificate, transport managers must have continuously managed a road-haulage or road-passenger operation, in one or more member state for the period of 10 years ending 4 December 2009. Legitimate and unavoidable temporary breaks, such as long-term sick leave and maternity leave, are normally accepted.

The Department for Transport has sent Acquired Rights certificates to many GFR holders automatically. However, GFR holders who have not already been issued an Acquired Rights certificate will need to apply for them. Download the guidance and the application form

Acquired Rights can only be granted up to 4 December 2013. The regulations do not allow Acquired Rights to be issued after this date. You must submit your application by 20 November – at least 2 weeks in advance – to have your Acquired Rights granted by this date.

If you do not meet this deadline, visit GOV.UK for further information.

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