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Remote Enforcement Office

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VOSA’s Remote Enforcement Office – REO – is a different method of following up our encounters with your vehicles. Instead of visiting the operator’s premises, we will ask you to send the information to us to be analysed remotely. This analysis will include information validity checks as well as straightforward analysis, such as checks against ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) data.

The trial is expected to begin this autumn in the western traffic area and run for about six months. The REO process will only be applied to new encounters – it will not interfere with any encounters ongoing. We will review the trial as we go, which may affect the timescales.

The REO trial will cover general follow up visits where there have been, for example, Most Serious Infringements, or MSIs, prohibitions for overloading, insecure loads, drivers’ hours and S-marked prohibitions.

We believe the REO will free up our resources for more effective enforcement, and free up operator and transport manager time by allowing you to deal with our requests in a timeframe more convenient to you.

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