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Have your say: Removal of exemptions on HGV testing and operator licensing

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The Department for Transport has published 2 consultations on GOV.UK and is seeking your views. These consultations cover Goods Vehicle Operator Licensing exemptions and HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicles) periodic testing and inspections exemptions.

Here are some details about each consultation and how you can have your say.

Goods Vehicle Operator Licensing Exemptions consultation

This consultation is about the proposal to remove certain exemptions from HGV operator licensing. The exemptions removed would relate to vehicles which deliver and process materials that are included in the current definition of engineering plant.

Operators of vehicles in formerly exempt HGV classes would be required to have those vehicles specified on an operator’s licence.

See more information about this consultation.

HGV Periodic Testing and Inspections Exemptions consultation

The HGV testing scheme provides exemption for 37 classes of vehicle. This consultation is about the proposal to remove or modify exemptions covering 10 categories of vehicle.

Operators of vehicles in currently exempt classes would be required to have their vehicles tested annually.

See more information about this consultation.

These consultations will run until 5 March 2015.


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  1. Comment by Krenap posted on

    A good operator might know about the hgv testing and licensing is important factor.

  2. Comment by Matthew Spendiff posted on

    I feel HGV's should be regularly inspected for their road worthiness similar to what the IHTF have been doing in London. If this was to be rolled out Nationally we could see a real reduction in fatal accidents with pedestrians and cyclists.

  3. Comment by bill anderson posted on

    more and more fast track tractors are being used for haulage on the roads its time that yearly mot tests are required for them also checks on the drivers thy are a form of hgvs some are grossing 20 tons or more tractors are for working in fields not for road haulage no o licence no mot red fuel you cant blame them its the government the RHA and BRAKE get on your bikes road safety o dear what can you do its a joke

  4. Comment by Parry Davis posted on

    Emotion is all very well but cold, hard logic does a much better job. I am involved with Classic commercials not revenue earning ones and evidenced from historic accident data their safety record is probably the best on the roads of the UK. There are currently MoT exemptions for pre-1960 vehicles & so-called ballast tractors; I can see the logic in removing MoT exemptions for so-called Plant & also for ballast tractors but simply removing a ballast box from a post-1960 vehicle will not in any way make it more dangerous or less roadworthy. The recent relaxation from MoT testing for passenger cars has not increased road dangers but I am very concerned that if the proposals go forward as stated that a large number of irreplacable historic HGVs will be scrapped.

  5. Comment by mike fletcher posted on

    All h g v should have a yearly test, no exemptions, just because they don't carry a demountable load, Also it's about time they clamped down on large tractors and trailers which are obviously doing haulage!!!. the normal farmer only uses the the roads to get from field to farm, These others think nothing of doing a journey of 100 miles plus

  6. Comment by Des Lee posted on

    it's great to see someone using their commence-sense, I total agree engineering plant, farm vehicles also should have to meet the same roadworthy (mot) standards.

    question how many hgv white lining vehicles do you see, that have no tax, mot, rear axle over loaded, farm trailers been towed by 500bhp tractors at 45 mph, with no brakes or lights on their trailers, The police do not take any action as they are not sure which law they come under, the old VOSA well do they have any staff?
    Hope changes go through

    • Replies to Des Lee>

      Comment by Paul Brookes MIRTE posted on

      Any vehicle which is used for the carrriage of goods on the highway should have a certificate of complance regar as dless of who owns and uses it .Mobile plant such as cranes needs to have
      certificate of compliance before use so i fail to see that Unimog towing a dolly and 3axle trailer should not be subject to an annual safety inspection

  7. Comment by Les Jones posted on

    Tractors towing 40' trailers with diggers on - exempt O Licensing? - ludicrous. These vehicles are being used for haulage purposes. Any use 'on the land' of the consignee is irrelevant.
    Should not be exempt testring either.
    Should be taxed LGV and should require LGV licence to drive.

  8. Comment by Russell Price posted on

    All HGV's should be complying with the mot regulations, with no exemptions. Farm tractor and trailers should be tested as the gross weight will soon be over 32 tons and 50kms per hour + with no system in place to check any of these vehicles and the driver only needs to be 16 years old to drive one on the road.There is a long way to go yet!

  9. Comment by steve holloway posted on

    vehicles that operate on public roads carrying weight should be inspected for roadworthyness at regular intervals and a yearly test this is for everybodys safety

  10. Comment by len wright posted on

    As a concrete manufacter and operator of a fleet of mixers I welcolme the prospect of so called mbile batching plants ( that really are HGV carrying aggregates which is no different to my tippers) having to comply with the same regulations as I its not just the cost of the vehicles its the driver element as we are not on a level playing field
    The sooner the better bring it on