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On road joint working continues

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Highways Agency vehicle on the motorway

In September 2014, we began a joint working initiative with the Highways Agency (HA) to stop commercial vehicles at the roadside for the purpose of a DVSA inspection.

The results of the pilot are being evaluated, however initial feedback is showing that the joint exercise has been beneficial for both agencies. As a result, traffic officers will continue to stop some commercial vehicles near Doxey, on the M6, until the end of the financial year.

Look out for further information in Moving On, once the results of the pilot have been evaluated.

Image supplied courtesy of Highways Agency

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  1. Comment by John mulbery posted on

    Is it illegal not to stop for the ha

  2. Comment by Steve Ashworth posted on

    I have earned my corn on the the road for many years,now I find it more and more difficult to carry on.
    It was a fact that only a uniformed police officer could stop a commercial vehicle now it seems that any body with a flashing light on its roof can dart in front of an heavy loaded truck brake hard expect the driver to keep full control without being the culprit of a serious accident and still comply with the wishes of whoever iT is that is looking to make money out of you for just doing an honest days work. No other industry is made to jump thru so many loops as the transport industry is at this time.

  3. Comment by Mark posted on

    i certainly agree that LGV vehicles and PS V's should be open to roadside checks but lets not go overboard on this. No wonder the transport sector is finding hard times recruiting new blood when all what is expected is long hours/working away from the family all week/dire wages and now it seems that every Tom Dick and Harry have the right to pull you up. Lets get a grip of our logistics industry before its to late.

  4. Comment by Paul Chadwick. Abbey driver. posted on

    I hope the stop and test/check system continues. Owners and drivers need not have worries if they are compliant with the law.
    I have no problem calling at any time to ask advice on legal issues. I have always found staff to be very informative . Remember education is a large part of the job.

  5. Comment by jk newcastle posted on

    as well as saving vosa another job. at least the traffic officers will have some thing to do other than watch old people changing tyres on the hard shoulder !

  6. Comment by N. York posted on

    Let's hope they manage to create the same level of confusion and congestion as they do now with their silly overhead signs that aren't appropriate and their flashing lights when unnecessary , by all means do please use your powers responsibly.

  7. Comment by Gary Heath posted on

    HA are not a part of the police or VOSA and should not have the same powers. I agree people should be checked, but if this happens it will be the same as VOSA and the police where they are expected to pull in as much capital in fines as they can. It is not always about safety it is also about how much revenue they can get, by involving HA they can issue more tickets. More tickets more money. If you want to give HA more power then let them stop the lane huggers and bad drivers out there in cars too. I see way more un-roadworthy cars and idiot drivers in cars than i ever do in both lorries and buses. But you never see the police just traffic officers.

  8. Comment by john posted on

    Wont be long till everybody can stop an hgv, inc crooks. there is some expensive goods being carried hope the companies who god forgiving, dont get stopped and stolen sue the authorities for watering down the duty of the law .. It should always be a uniformed police officer..

  9. Comment by Caroline-Aid Fuel Oils posted on

    I've heard good stuff about this- it's a great way to make sure that commercial vehicles aren't posing a risk to themselves or to the public as, without ostracising them, they can be viewed as a large threat on the roads