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The Highway Code is now easier to use online

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Although professional drivers realise the importance of keeping up to date with the rules of the road, getting the Highway Code from the page to the road can be a challenge.

Based on research undertaken with people who use The Highway Code, DVSA has made it easier to use and share from GOV.UK. This will improve people's knowledge and change their behaviour on the road for the better and, hopefully, for life.

What we found out

Our research found that, as a result of using the Highway Code:

  • over 80% improved their knowledge
  • over 60% have used the road differently
  • nearly all would recommend the service to family and friends

Making changes based on the results

Using the results of the survey, we made changes so that you can:

  • link directly to any rule or other part of the code you like
  • search the code specifically, and not just the web site
  • see what’s changed, and when, and subscribe to alerts about updates
  • follow the Highway Code on Twitter, Facebook or via email news and alerts with a click from the first page
  • link straight to the legislation behind the MUST/MUST NOT rules
  • print hard copies of sections for reference offline

These changes will not just help learners, but will also ensure existing drivers, operators, instructors and trainers can keep their knowledge up to date.

Our research also helped to define and develop a new 'manual' style for government web pages that helps you see the contents of longer documents and expand the bits you need, as you need them.

Improvements like these are beginning to make a difference. Just by using the services the way you want to, you're contributing to that.

For life, not just for learners

Keeping informed of updates is now almost effortless, so you can encourage your drivers, operators and colleagues to keep informed of any changes to the Highway Code. Some of the changes made in the past year include:

To find out more, read our news story

To stay up to date:

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