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Bring your heavy goods vehicle to annual test (MOT) appropriately laden

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It’s crucial to test a heavy vehicle’s brake test performance during the annual test (sometimes referred to as the MOT). In our latest blog post, Vehicle Testing and Roadworthiness Policy specialist Richard Clements, explains what is involved and why you need to present a vehicle or trailer for test laden.

Commercial operators urged to carry out regular maintenance

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A white lorry travelling on the highway

Commercial operators are being reminded by of the importance of carrying out regular maintenance all year round to avoid dangerous incidents as data reveals vehicles are issued 10 times more prohibitions 3 months after their annual test (MOT). This indicates that some vehicles are not being adequately maintained following their test.

MOT fraud, a risk to road safety

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The MOT is a legal requirement that checks and helps assure drivers that their vehicles are safe. It forms an integral part of DVSA’s strategic aim of keeping vehicles safe to drive. Unfortunately, a minority of perpetrators have been caught defrauding the MOT. DVSA’s Director of Enforcement Marian Kitson issues a warning to anyone considering endangering road users by committing MOT fraud and the consequences they will face should they choose to.