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Increased speed limit for HGVs on dual carriageways

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A row of lorries

Transport Minister Claire Perry has announced today that the government plans to raise the speed limit for lorries travelling on dual carriageways from 50 mph to 60 mph.

Today’s announcement will ensure that as of 6 April 2015, lorry drivers have speed limits that are better suited to a modern transport network.

The changes to speed limits will update previous regulations dating back to the 1980s.

The government also published today responses to a consultation on issuing on the spot fines for HGV drivers who take insufficient breaks from driving on longer journeys.

Read the news story for more details.

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  1. Comment by Mike Henly posted on

    i still run a pre limiter truck a TM Bedford so now all the scanias volvos and mercs eill be able to keep up with me. MIKE HENLY

  2. Comment by john posted on

    goods will reach destinations quicker than passengers then

  3. Comment by duncan bladen posted on

    how fast did trucks drive , before limiters ... more than they do now .. fact

  4. Comment by Ray Hillman posted on

    I have been driving since 1964 and up till now have only had four claimable accidents in my life and all involving cars so i shouldnt comment about truck drivers but i think it is a good idea to increase the speed too 60 mph as these days when i drive i never exceed 60 mph in my chelsea tractor not because i cant,because, i dont want to i dont mind being behind hgvs.I did not know until today lorries were restricted to 50mph on duel carrageways as when i am behind them i am cruising at 60mph quite happylie at least 75 ft behind them to allow for other drivers space to pass and pull into the gap if nessessary The thing that gets me frustrated is the car that gets stuck behind a truck, that wants to overtake but wont try, and wont drop back too allow others who wish to try when the opportunity allows.

  5. Comment by MORRISSON posted on

    Please let TESCO do 50mph lets get the country moving as soon as I seen that truck in front of me I know it will be a long drive home at 40 mph my car will not go in to top gear so more cost to me o well l may 5p off @ the next fill up if I spend £50 with TESCO !! THEY CANT LOOSE 🙁

  6. Comment by Mike Rooke posted on

    I think volume of traffic is to high and with too many distractions the speed limit should stay as it is
    also the speed will crate more pollution


    operator 4 car transporter

  7. Comment by Tony Wragg posted on

    Best Idea yet from Politicians it will help with Fuel consumption the trucks will be more productive
    less pollution (the greens will be chuffed!) and will add to safer roads the car drivers will be less
    inclined to pass dangerously. (BRAKE will find a downside !) Sensible HGV Drivers will welcome this as they drive to road conditions not speed limits
    Its not a TARGET after all

  8. Comment by Martin Hay posted on

    Do the speed limit changes take place in Scotland too or is this just in England and Wales?


  9. Comment by Martin McCarthy posted on

    Modern trucks are quite capable of travelling safely at speeds that would have been considered reckless 30 years ago. It's usually the case that legislation plays catch up with advances in transport technology and speed limits are well ovedue for review. With the high volume of vehicles on the roads today any opportunity to keep traffic moving has to be welcomed and increasing HGV speeds is an obvious winner (even more so on congested A roads). Since most trucks are limited to 56 mph the limit of 60 is an irrelevance for the most part.

  10. Comment by stu posted on

    Thats all well and done but theres a small problem.most lorrys these days are govened to 56mph so does that mean you can take the limiter off.

  11. Comment by john posted on

    does this mean limiters will be increased so vehicle does 60?

  12. Comment by Stephen Shaw posted on

    All the speed limit oncreases are good news. If only we were allowed to do sixty miles per hour
    instead of having our speed limited to 55 miles per hour.

  13. Comment by Andy Bosley posted on

    I believe that trucks have much better braking systems now and that the present 40 mph on A roads is out dated.
    A good professional driver will drive to the road conditions and not just do 50 mph because it's legal.
    Roads like the North Devon link road are perfect for N increase in speed limits

  14. Comment by Kar Stott posted on

    Wow, if I'm ever given a truck that'll do more than 55 mph I'll be very happy!!

  15. Comment by Alan Olley posted on

    As with last comment most rural roads in Kent NOT suitable for this as it is difficult to keep control at 30 to 40 mph due to poor road surfaces,anyway some car drivers will try and overtake whatever speed you are travelling at! In some counties like Lincolnshire with wide flat roads this is a good idea.Who would decide what roads are suitable for this?and what road signs would be involved?I guess we would have new signs with a lorry symbol and weight category.Has all this been thought through properly by the authorities?

  16. Comment by Alan Burgoyne posted on

    I also believe that on suitable A roads the speed could be upped to 50 from 40 to help traffic flow& reduce accidents from overtaking cars.

    • Replies to Alan Burgoyne>

      Comment by Mr M Ducker posted on

      I do think that if the motorway speed was increased form 56 to max 65 on the limiters that would reduece a lot of motor congestion on inclines and remove the side by side problems that we have when two commercial are passing each other and would decrease the amount of accidents that happen this comes from car drivers being held back.

    • Replies to Alan Burgoyne>

      Comment by Tug Taylor posted on

      ABSOLUTELY! you're spot on Alan, also the speed should be increased on motorways for all classes, to perhaps 115k.

    • Replies to Alan Burgoyne>

      Comment by J.Wyatt. posted on

      The problem then though Alan, when the truck catches up with a car that plods along at 40 mph !
      The truck driver may then try overtaking, the car speeds up, as he doesn't want to be "behind the truck", before long some innocent driver coming the opposite direction will get killed or seriously injured.
      I think 40 should stay.
      Though I respect your opinion.