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Changes for submitting technical applications

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From Wednesday 1 February 2017, we won’t be accepting any technical applications for the HGV, PSV, Trailer, Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR) and approval schemes by email. We'll continue to accept postal applications after this date.

However, the quickest way to send your application will be online on GOV.UK. You can already apply online for the following applications.

Vehicle approval

You can apply for an Individual Vehicle Approval test for:

  • passenger cars
  • goods vehicles
  • buses and coaches
  • trailers
  • special purpose vehicles

Test certificate for a lorry or trailer

You can apply for a vehicle test or certificate for a lorry or trailer you’ll need to do this if:

  • it hasn’t been tested before
  • you’ve altered its chassis, weight, tyres or brakes

You can also:

  • apply for a ‘certificate of keeper’ to prove that you’re responsible for your lorry or trailer
  • ask for permission to supply a large goods trailer

Test certificate for coach or bus

You can apply for a vehicle test or certificate for a coach or bus if you:

  • need a Certificate of Initial Fitness (COIF) to register your coach or bus as a Public Service Vehicle (PSV)
  • need an Accessibility Certificate to carry disabled passengers
  • need to apply for a replacement certificate
  • have made a specification change to your coach or bus
  • want permission to drive up to 100 km/h in France or Germany

Tell us about a change to coach or bus

You need to let us know if you’ve:

  • made your coach or bus more accessible for disabled passengers
  • made any changes to your coach or bus that has been issued with an original Certificate of Initial Fitness (COIF) or approval certificate
  • made changes to the registration mark of your coach or bus

Why you should apply online

We suggest you start applying for your technical applications online now, so you can get used to doing this before we stop accepting applications by email.

Submitting your applications online should speed up the whole process. As soon as an application is submitted they’re date stamped meaning there won't be any postal delays. It also removes the time it takes us to upload any applications received by email, fax or post.  

Once you’ve submitted your application online we can access it electronically at any DVSA site so we don’t need to post forms to testing stations anymore.

You’ll also be able to keep up to date with the progress of your application. You’ll receive an email at every stage of the application process letting you know things like when a payment is required or when you can arrange your appointment.

When you can apply by email

We’ll continue to accept email applications for:

  • HGV
    • RPC/LEC scheme applications
    • TD1 and TD2 (plating applications)
  • PSV
    • RM1 (amend existing PSV record)
    • RM2 and RM3 (create PSV record)
    • PSVA4 (type approval application)
    • PSV400 (type approval application)
  • Approvals
    • IVA 5 (request for replacement certificate)
    • MSVA/PMSVA (for Derby, Gillingham, Kidderminster, Chadderton)
  • all appeal forms

Experiencing problems applying online?

If you do experience any issues using the service then it might be worth updating your browser. You can find more information about what browser to use on GOV.UK

If you've read all of the guidance but are still experiencing problems submitting an application online please call 0300 123 9000.

We updated this blog on 16 December 2016 with the new deadline for email applications (Wednesday 1 February 2017). We extended the cut-off date for email applications to February to give you more time to adapt to the changes during the busy festive period.

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  1. Comment by Martin Põld posted on

    Do I have to pay for submitting technical applications?

  2. Comment by Bob Mann posted on

    Hi is there any change planned for the ordering of Replacement / Duplicate Plating Certificates and Mot Certificates for Vehicles and Trailers , we currently fax any Requests to Swansea on a VTG59 / DVSA520.

    • Replies to Bob Mann>

      Comment by Leanne Thompson posted on

      Hi Bob
      Thank you for your question. You can now submit a VTG59 / DVSA520 via the Technical Application system however both white mail and fax are still currently available channels for submitting DVSA Technical Applications.

  3. Comment by Mark posted on

    When does the system go live, we need to have applications in now for January due to the long waiting time?

    At the meeting in Worcester talking about the IVA systems we did ask for an online "supermarket" system as this would make the booking of slots much easier for both sides. we were told this would be looked into.

    • Replies to Mark>

      Comment by Leanne Thompson posted on

      Hi Mark
      The Technical Application System (TAS) is active and available for the online submission of technical application forms.

      Thank you for raising this at the Worcester meeting, we are aware of our customer's requirements and will be looking into this for future system implementation.

  4. Comment by Mick Utting posted on

    Can we still apply for SVA by using post.

    • Replies to Mick Utting>

      Comment by Leanne Thompson posted on

      Hi Mick

      Thank you for your comment. White mail and fax are currently still available channels for submitting all DVSA technical applications.

      Kind regards


  5. Comment by Dave Herbert posted on

    would it be possible to have a comment facilty on TAS application
    ie urgent request for VTG6 plate



    • Replies to Dave Herbert>

      Comment by Leanne Thompson posted on

      Hi Dave

      Thank you for your comment and suggestion. There is no provision on the TAS system to record comments as all applications are dealt with in the date order that they are received. Should your request be an urgent one, please email the appropriate mailbox notifying the team you have submitted the application form.



  6. Comment by Trevor posted on

    A welcome change!
    Our nearest certifying officer is 40 miles away (since our local testing station closed). Are we going to be able to arrange appointments and bookings for re certification at ATF's?
    Also on line booking system for VOSA test stations was very useful. The ATF we use does not appear to be using a spreadsheet so checking bookings can be difficult. Can the original on line booking system be adapted and employed to work with ATF bookings?
    Good progress though!

    • Replies to Trevor>

      Comment by Thomas (DVSA) posted on

      Hi Trevor,

      Thank you for your comment and feedback. The Technical Application System isn’t a booking tool. It’s how applications forms for technical tests will be submitted online.

      I’ll make sure that your suggestion of an ATF booking system is included in any service provision investigations we do in the future.