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Vehicle operator licensing: how we’re doing and what’s next

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Manage your vehicle operator licence page on GOV.UK
It’s been a while since we last told you about new digital services for operator licence applicants and licence holders that we’ve introduced. These services allow businesses to apply for and manage vehicle operator licences online for the first time.

So, we wanted to let you know how it’s going and what we’ve got planned for the future.

How many times the new service has been used

Since the launch, the new services have been accessed over 600,000 times and have been used to:

  • make over 3,600 licence applications
  • make over 40,000 licence changes - many of which would have been made online for the first time
  • process 200,000 vehicle changes

We monitor the system’s performance and your feedback on a daily basis. We’re really pleased that satisfaction with the service averaged 81% in the last month. That’s up from 49% when we first launched.

Improving the licensing process

The new online services have also helped to reduce licence processing times.

They’ve given us the opportunity to deal with compliant applications in under 9 weeks. Nine weeks has been the service standard for a long time - but the service lets us process compliant applications more quickly.

For the first 3 months of the service, the average processing time for digital applications was less than 7 weeks. We’ll be reporting on the new services’ performance every quarter, so you can see how we're doing.

Managing your licence

The new services are about much more than applying for your licence, though. We’ve built a system which allows you to manage your licence online.

The new services allow you to:

  • add more vehicles to your licence
  • apply to increase your vehicle limit
  • apply to add a transport manager to your licence

We’ve seen a 40% increase in changes to licences online since the new services were launched.

What we'll be doing next

We have 2 big improvements to make to the service.

Safer, simpler and faster

The first is making the service safer and more secure, using something called GOV.UK Verify. It's the new way to prove who you are online. It gives safer, simpler and faster access to government services.

We'll use it to replace the wet signature that you have to provide on application forms. It will be in use shortly for new applications.

A certified company will verify your identity. They’ve all met security standards set by government. You don’t need to be an existing customer with a company as they’ve built new, secure systems to verify identities.

Verifying your identity takes about 15 minutes to complete, but you only have to do it once. You’ll then have an identity account with the certified company. You can then access other government services in less than one minute wherever you see the GOV.UK Verify logo.

Watch this video to see how GOV.UK Verify works.

Introducing licence continuations

The second improvement will let you continue your licence online. As you know, operator licences have to be continued every 5 years. Sometimes operators miss their payments or fail to return the paperwork.

We’re still working on this but hope to introduce licence continuations to the services later this year.

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  1. Comment by Jim posted on

    Is information given regarding illegal / non compliant operators , treated as confidential.

  2. Comment by Martin posted on

    Good news regarding the use of verify, can you please consider the ability to export Trailer information held against licenses please.

  3. Comment by CHARLIE LIVERPOOL posted on

    Good news. Any system that allows the operator to be reminded of a renewal date is most welcome

  4. Comment by peter bond posted on

    I have been waiting months to have a transport manager removed as its under consideration, not sure why this occurs, as the individual has left we have no choice but to remove them. Removing transport managers should be automatic.

  5. Comment by palpinder posted on

    Superb,fast and efficient service

  6. Comment by Martin H F Bridge posted on

    A little disappointed that after completing online to add myself as a Transport Manager, a copy of the application was sent by post for me to sign. I might have well just completed the TM1 form and posted it anyway. Although not having to post my CPC certificate again, and sending an electronic copy, was a bonus.

    • Replies to Martin H F Bridge>

      Comment by Annie posted on

      I experienced the same thing and agree its a little frustrating. However, I rang up and they were able to see the online TM1 form and corrected things. Its therefore worth a phone call even though not ideal.

    • Replies to Martin H F Bridge>

      Comment by Kevin McFeeley posted on

      Did the application to change transport manager on line, noted the due date to change and that passed by 2 weeks, rang up to check and spoke to the most clueless admin assistant ever.
      Not sure now if the issue is staff I process, but for such an important department it doesn't bode well.

  7. Comment by Bob Levey posted on

    Great news improvements are always welcome

  8. Comment by BILL DUTTON posted on

    Anything that makes the system easier to use has got to be for the good of everyone concerned.

  9. Comment by ken petty posted on

    found very fluid stress free brilliant,

  10. Comment by Anthony Randall posted on

    All sounds great and moving in the right direction to make the procces easier for the operator to access all the information required to either apply for an Operators licence or just update an exsisting one.

  11. Comment by Grange posted on

  12. Comment by Sue posted on

    You revoked a licence but the individual is still using vehicle and trading. So electronically not helping anyone!

    • Replies to Sue>

      Comment by John (DVSA) posted on

      Hi Sue

      You can report the details to us so that our Enforcement team can investigate this.
      Telephone: 0300 123 9000
      Monday to Friday, 7:30am to 6pm


  13. Comment by Oliver higgins posted on

    Absolutely brilliant news 🙂