Working with operators to improve compliance

DVSA enforcement staff checking under a lorry

Every day our enforcement staff are out there on Britain’s roads stopping dangerous and unsafe drivers and vehicles.

Usually this means pulling them over as part of our roadside checks and issuing fixed penalties and prohibitions to dangerous drivers and operators. But, we’re always looking at other ways that we can work with the industry to improve compliance.

Continuous targeted enforcement

We continually monitor operator compliance so we can focus on operators who are serially non-compliant, posing the greatest risk to road safety.  

To protect you from these unsafe drivers and vehicles, serially non-compliant operators will be selected for increased targeting by our enforcement staff.

If an operator is selected for increased targeting, we invite them to a meeting with us to discuss the issues we have and make suggestions on what they need to do to increase their compliance.

If they decide to work with us, we’ll give them a period of time to improve and our enforcement activities won’t be as disruptive.

If an operator chooses not to work with us we’ll increase the number of times we target their vehicles - this could mean stopping the operator’s vehicles several times a day. This is very disruptive, and costs operators lots of time and money and could mean they miss timed delivery slots. This could also damage the operator's reputation if they’re missing delivery slots and their vehicles are turning up late.

Portuguese operator leads the way

In 2016, DVSA wrote to a serially non-compliant Portuguese operator and invited them to meet with our enforcement staff.

During the meeting, we explained the consequences non-compliance could have and talked through their specific offences and defects. These included:

  • serious brake defects
  • serious steering defects
  • exceeding the daily driving time
  • insufficient daily rest

We then met with the operator again in April 2017. Since our first meeting, the operator had taken several measures to increase compliance, these included:

  • changing the roads they use to reduce damage to the vehicles before reaching the UK
  • setting up additional maintenance teams to improve the roadworthiness of the vehicles
  • taking action against drivers who are committing drivers’ hours' offences
  • increasing training to help drivers understand the consequences of breaking drivers’ hours' rules

As a result of working with us and listening to our advice, the operator was able to avoid serious disruption to their business and continual enforcement stops, and we’ve stopped our increased targeting on them.

Working together is the way forward

This case study shows that working with us is better for the success of your business and for road safety.

So, if you find yourself selected for increased targeting, don’t ignore our invitation to speak with us - it could save you lots of time and money, avoid damaging your reputation and help keep our roads safe.

Take a look at our commercial vehicle safety and maintenance guides, and don’t forget you can manage your commercial vehicle compliance online.

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  1. Comment by frederick b lycett posted on

    Fair play,
    Cannot fault DVSA approach, after all there is only One way to do a job and that is do it right, to the best of your ability, given that the facilities are or can be made available

  2. Comment by Michael posted on

    Great news, keep in comming

    Michael Burke, Dip.di. ADI fleet. Car & LGV.

  3. Comment by chris gunson posted on

    hi there my name is chris from ssc scaffolding sheffield from starting my buisness my priority is my trucks if there not working we are not earning,i have a great issue with my employees that do not look after there truck, all my inspections are done to standard and we are moving forward but in the scaffolding sector which is ours its easy to pick up a truck or pick up fill it with scaffold and carry on this happens in every major city not just ours, i would like to see city watches not just motorway if you drive through any city you will in a day come across more illegal vehicles operating than on a motorway, ive seen 2 this morning on my travels, also overloaded, so it would be nice to see a clampdown on these rogue traders thank you.


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